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Wayne Parsons

New Medical Device Allows Immediate Blood Analysis During Surgery

Timing is everything in surgery and blood analysis informs the doctors about the presence of disease. Now a team of British electronic professors and medical doctors has developed a new device to do…

Wayne Parsons

Medical Device Safety Act would allow state suits, but some lawmakers oppose it.

The Greenville News (5/24, Osby) reported that the Medical Device Safety Act of 2009… would reverse the high court’s decision and would allow patients to sue Medtronic under state law. Don…

Wayne Parsons

Obama undoes Bush pre-emption policies.

The AP (5/21, Yost) reports, The Obama White House on Wednesday undid a Bush administration policy that used federal regulations to undermine a wide range of state health, safety and environmental…

Wayne Parsons

House lawmakers hear debate over medical device preemption.

CQ HealthBeat (5/14, Kim) reports that the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Health Subcommittee heard witness testimony on a measure that would allow consumers to sue companies under state law…

Wayne Parsons

Tort Reform For Victims of Unsafe Medical Devices: Pass The Medical Device Safety Act of 2009

Hearings began on Tuesday, May 12th before the Subcommittee on Health on H.R. 1346, The Medical Device Safety Act of 2009. I explain it below but before you go any further make sure to read the…

Wayne Parsons

Hawaii Swine Flu Update – Tamiflu Stockpiles Vary Widely Throughout World

Hawaii has a few Swine Flu cases, most recently a student up at UH. Our medical community seems well organized and prepared. The entire country seems to be on top of this situation.
Embedded video…

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Synthes settles investigation into conflicts of interest among physicians researching its products.

The New York Times (5/7, B4, Abelson) reports,

The New Jersey attorney general has announced a settlement with a medical device maker accused of failing to disclose financial conflicts of…

Wayne Parsons

Mentor Corporation Sued for Complications Associated with ObTape.

The New York Times (5/5, D5, Rabin) reports that dozens of women are suing the maker of [a] vaginal sling, called ObTape for complications they claim are associated with the product.
The product…

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Embattled FDA Office of Device Evaluation Accused of Acting Illegally

The New York Times (4/22, A15, Harris) reports,

An unusual internal meeting scheduled for Wednesday at the Food and Drug Administration may signal how agency officials intend to handle the many…

Wayne Parsons

Study Links Catastrophic Cartilage Damage To Pain Pumps

recent studies have shown that intra-articular pain pumps can cause catastrophic cartilage damage

The pain pump is designed to deliver medication directly to the surgical wound site or in close…