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Wayne Parsons

What wheel chair cushions are top rated for pressure sore relief?

For individuals who have suffered spinal cord injuries, pressure ulcers caused from wheelchair use are a serious concern during rehabilitation and are the most common long-term secondary medical…

Wayne Parsons

A Plaintiffs Attorney Reflects on Injury, Hardship, Disappointment and Loss – Law As Poetry

They are all injured – my clients. Their lives have been visited by misfortune. Sometimes their house is falling down or some variation of that theme. Sometimes an insurance adjuster working for a…

Wayne Parsons

Spinal Surgery Outcomes Improved by New Imaging Technology

ScienceDaily reports on Dec. 23, 2008 that spine surgeons at the Mayo Clinic in Florida are using a three-dimensional (3D) image-guided system to help place screws in the spines of patients. They…

Wayne Parsons

Recovery From Spinal Cord Injury Improves With Sole Use Of Impaired Limb

There is important new hope for brain injury and spinal cord injury patients reported in Science Daily Health!
An important new study of rats with minor spinal cord injuries showed full recovery…