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Do you belong to the chamber of commerce in your local town? I do. I am a small businessman as are most trial lawyers. Trial lawyers represent people in civil cases who are injured by the negligence of another person or corporation. I have a small office in Honolulu and the local chamber of commerce helps me survive as a business. One day I was reading the news and I heard The U.S. Chamber of Commerce mentioned. I thought it must be the national umbrella organization for my local chamber of commerce.

Little did I know that The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has nothing to do with my local chamber. In fact it is a sham organization organized by the largest corporations in the U.S. and funded by right wing billionaires who want to suck every dime out of the middle class and put it in the bank accounts of those Wall Street tycoons who just ruined the country in the financial meltdown. Did the U.S. Chamber of Commerce care about this? No. Read the article by Mike Bryant about The U.S. Chamber of Commerce:More U S Chamber Dreaming and find out the truth about this national front organization.

I read that the U. S. Chamber of Commerce supports taking away the rights of every citizen to sue a corporation or make an insurance claim involving a personal injury, workplace discrimination and medical negligence involving avoidable medical injuries. Despite the fact that it is untrue, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce claims that health care costs are high because doctors practice defensive medicine. Not true. The truth? Avoidable medical errors account for 98,000 deaths each year in this country. Read Medical Malpractice Expenditures Comprise Less Than 1 Percent Of Overall Health Costs for the true facts. They claim that injured people use experts from medicine and the study of defective products that base their opinions on junk science. Not True. In fact the opposite is true as the corporate and insurance interests employs many hired gun experts who are paid highly to misrepresent the actual science. They claim the Trial Lawyers filing frivolous lawsuits increase insurance rates. Not true. Read Doug Landau’s fine article: Insurance Company Lawsuit Abuse and Frivolous Lawsuits to learn the truth.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce claims that frivolous lawsuits are rampant. Not true. They led the assault on the truth that claimed we need tort reform as a part of health care reform. Read: Tort Reform Has No Place In Health Care Reform to learn the truth.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce should have as its motto: "we put profits over people". That is the motto of their brain trust led by the political operative Karl Rove, notorious for his arrogant misrepresentations to the American people about the conservative agenda to destroy the middle class in America. The Tea Party has played right into his hands. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the false store front for this assault upon the American people. The local chambers of commerce have no connection with this sham entity The U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Don’t be fooled. Follow the Center for Justice & Democracy, Public Citizen, The Consumer Watchdog, and the American Association of Justice for the truth. If you read their materials carefully you will see that they have actual facts to support every position. If you are a member of a local chamber of commerce please support them but make sure they disavow the reckless spreading of falsehoods by Karl Rove and The U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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  1. Mike Bryant

    Where does their money come from and how many times is it major defendants using the shield of little businesses to claim the sky is falling. They have no interest in personal responsibility.

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