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Kavanaugh lied to Congress. Repeatedly. For over 10 years. He is still at it. What do Republican Senators supporting the Kavanaugh nomination say to their families? Their children? Most Republican Senators hope to be judged as righteous role-models of moral life, the word of God and honesty. Their time is up. They must now vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court by President Trump. That vote will define the future of the Republican Party.

Trump made the word ‘liar” foremost in the Republican public relations campaign. I can go with that concept as a challenge to hypocrisy. Let’s talk lies!

Kavanaugh has lied to Congress. In case you wonder if lying to Congress is a seriously bad thing to do, it is a felony, and a serious one. No one disputes that Kavanaugh lied. The Republicans are sitting around, snickering to themselves, that the public is too ill-informed to care. The fall mid-term elections are a referendum on that question.

Kavanaugh lies to Congress:

From The National Review and Slate: “I never received any memos, was not aware of any such memos.”

During Kavanaugh’s Senate testimony in 2004, Orrin Hatch asked him if he had received “any documents that appeared to you to have been drafted or prepared by Democratic staff members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.” Kavanaugh said no. In 2006, Ted Kennedy asked him about the same documents, and Kavanaugh issued another denial, saying, “I don’t know what the universe of memos might be, but I do know that I never received any memos, was not aware of any such memos.”

Republicans had given Kavanaugh stolen documents from the Democrats, He lied to get a job as a Federal Judge. Many inmates in Federal and State prisons did less. Oky with Republican Senators? Okay with you as a citizen.2

As Slate points out:

Kavanaugh said that he never received any memos or any documents that appeared to him to be prepared by Democrats. He repeated this throughout his testimony in 2004 and 2006. He didn’t say, “I didn’t knowingly receive memos or stolen documents.” He didn’t say, “I may have received memos or stolen documents but only realized this after the fact.” Rather, he flatly denied this possibility.

Kavanaugh’s nomination is a test of the American Democracy. Two key votes are imminent: Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. Republican’s in Congress who cast their fate and the future of the Republican Party behind the most dishonest, corrupt and unethical political machine in the short history of the United States of America.


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  1. Gravatar for Jc

    I strongly support Judge Kavanaugh for the US Supreme Court. I have read many of his opinions am

    Nd the Supreme Court has adopted much of his legal reasoning as an Appeals Judge. I find that people who oppose his nomination are liberals who want the court to legislate from the bench like Justice Roberts did when he voted to uphold Obamacare with very, very circuitous reasoning. If liberals want to change the law, win elections by persuading your fellow citizens to pass laws in the legislature, don’t expect judges to legislate from the bench. If you read some of Judge Kavanaugh’s rulings you will see he places limits on regulatory agencies powers—high time this was done.

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