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Cancer Prevention: New Study Says Coffee May Prevent Oral Cancer

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In general I help the sick and the injured. My clients have broken bones, paralyzed limbs, brain injuries or diseases that are serious. Most personal injury lawyers wish that we could do something to prevent those injuries and illnesses. We applaud efforts by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to keep unsafe products from reaching the public. Personal injury attorneys applaud the Anesthesiologists for doing studies of the causes of injury due to anesthesia and educating the doctors about specific steps to take to reduce patient injuries – this effort saved lives and reduced injuries.

Like many my life has been touched by the devastating consequences of cancer. I follow cancer news and look at research reports on cancer. And occasionally on this website I will post articles that may help some of you avoid this dreaded disease. One of my favorite resources is Lisa Fayed at About.com. Here is an article she published this morning about coffee and oral cancer. A Japanese study has shown that you can cut your risk of oral cancer in half by drinking one or two cups of coffee per day. Usually I summarize articles like this but this one is good to read in its entirety. Here it is:

Cancer Blog

By Lisa Fayed, About.com Guide to Cancer since 2005

Coffee Lovers Rejoice! New Study Shows Coffee May Prevent Oral Cancer Wednesday January 7, 2009 A new Japanese study claims that drinking coffee may reduce the risk of developing oral cancer, even in those who are considered high risk for developing these types of cancer. In the study, participants who consumed one of more cups of coffee per day had half the risk of developing oral cancer than those who did not drink coffee.

Before you head to your local coffeehouse to drink mass amounts of coffee, remember that more studies need to be done to determine the link between coffee and oral cancer prevention. No need to starting drinking coffee because of this study if you don’t already. If you are concerned about your risk of oral cancer, talk to your doctor. Together, you can properly assess your risk and what measures you can take to reduce it.

We do know that alcohol consumption and smoking are the greatest risk factors for developing many types of oral cancer. Not smoking and limiting how much alcohol you drink are excellent, proven ways to help prevent oral cancer.