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Rulings open former Bush officials to liability for terror policies.

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In a story appearing on at least 111 news websites, the AP (9/29, Sherman) reports that former Attorney General John Ashcroft and John Yoo, "one of his hardline lieutenants face the rare prospect of being held personally liable for alleged violations of individuals’ rights in the aggressive aftermath of the 2001 terrorist attacks." Noting that high-ranking officials "usually are protected from such civil rights claims," the AP reports that three federal court rulings "have left open the possibility that former Bush officials may have to reach into their own pockets to compensate people who were swept up in the law enforcement and intelligence efforts after the Sept. 11 attacks." The AP adds that exposing senior government officials "to legal risk might complicate recruitment as top prospects shun positions that could land them in personal trouble" and could also "make officials think twice about aggressive use of executive authority."

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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    I am really torn about what to do here. With all of our present problems and issues that have to be address, I have a reluctance to go back into the past. But there is clearly a problem that at least needs to be address and we need to assure that it isn’t repeated.