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Death Or Injury From Misdiagnosis Stories

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I have written about the news story that is shaking the country: DEAD BY MISTAKE. Kudos to Hearst News for telling the truth to the public!

Here are the stories behind DEAD BY MISTAKE.

Mother wants her daughter back.

Sharon Moore

Trevor Nelson.

I cannot add to these tragic stories. They were preventable. They could have been avoided. My plea to doctors and hospitals in Hawaii and elsewhere is to spend more time on patient care and good medicine and less time lobbying to make it impossible for injured patients from avoidable medical errors to be made whole. Other articles of interest:

Mistakes Made in Medical Care are the Top Cause of Accidental Death in America.

Doctor Misdiagnosis Results In Alarming Number of Avoidable Injuries And Death

Dead By Mistake: Must Read For All Consumers.

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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    Must see information, it will save lives.