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What the heck is www.kucinich.com ?


Dennis Kucinich.

No spin.

Dennis Kucinich.

No media.

Dennis Kucinich.


Dennis Kucinich.

No sex and Rock & Roll.

Not 100% sure about the Rock & Roll but he looks like a Tony Bennett fan.


Isn’t that what this is all about?

The whole health care battle is not about Obama or the paid trouble-makers at town hall meetings.

The insurance industry made a computation: $800 million …. sorry …. its late in the Islands …. $800 Billion.

That’s it. $800 Billion is at stake. The corporate jets are in the air and the major media sales division is opening doors for Big Insurance money.

If we cut those greedy bastards and bastardettes out of the picture, they lose $800 Billion.

Governor Lingle is my Governor. She and Sarah Palin are friends.

I think our Hawaii Congressional delegation all supports H.R. 676 (Conyers and Kucinich). If any of you don’t please tell us why.

Aloha Aina.