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Want To Know The Top Rated Consumer Advocates?

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Tired of false advertising, abusive insurance companies, frustrating dealings with health care, unsafe consumer products, toxins in your home and all other matters that affect your health and your pocket book? I know that I am and so I made a list of the organizations _ all not for profit _ that are doing the best job for all of us and who tell the truth about things:

  1. Public Citizen (www.citizen.org,
  2. The Consumer Watchdog (Harvey Rosenfield and Jamie Court – www.consumerwatchdog.org)
  3. Public Justice(www.publicjustice.org),
  4. The American Association of Justice (www.justice.org)
  5. The Center for Justice & Democracy(www.centerjd.org).

Get your news from these folks and you won’t have the feeling of being lied to by some elected official or corporate CEO.