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Top Cancer Symptoms for Men

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Men: get a check-up with your doctor if you have any of these symptoms. You may catch your cancer in an early stage where a cure is available.

1. Pain, difficult or weak urine flow or blood in urine – prostate cancer.

2. Lumps in testicles – testicular cancer. Do a testicular self exam regularly.

3. Pelvic pain over a few days – testicular and prostate cancer.

4. Sore, lesion or growth on the penis. penile cancer.

5. Stomach discomfort or Bowel Changes – colon cancer.

6. Breast lumps, nipple discharge, red or scaly skin – breast cancer

7. Weight loss greater than 10 pounds – liver, gallbladder or pancreatic cancer cancer

8. Coughing, wheezing, or shortness of breath – lung cancer.

9. Fatigue – A common indication of advanced stage cancer.

A great resource for current information about cancer detection and prevention is at


Which has a "Cancer" page that provides up to the minute news on causes and treatments of cancer. This list came from their review of tests that men should get in order to stay alive and not become another cancer statistic.

many doctors will not ask these questions or suggest testing for cancer if you have these conditions. Be proactive if you are a man and ask questions and demand tests. The Lance Armstrong organization Livestrong is also a great resource and referral organization to help you find a doctor if you have cancer of any type. Another great resource for news about the latest research developments is MDlinx where all diseases and conditions are cataloged and you can get daily news via e-mail on the particular medical problem that you are concerned about. This is best for people who have a condition and are interested in the latest developments in medical treatments or perhaps clinical trials.