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Suit says hospital staff wrongly declared infant dead

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The news story is pretty frightening. Incompetence comes to mind.

The staff at a Charleston, South Carolina hospital informed them the parents of a baby born that the child died. Can you imagine?

The bereft parents learned later that their son was alive.

Charleston Area Medical Center, Pediatrix Medical Group and Dr. Davangere M. Jayaram are named as co-defendants in medical malpractice suit filed by Carmela and Joseph Newhouse of Elkview. In their complaint filed July 28 in Kanawha Circuit Court, the New houses allege Jayapura, and staff from Pediatrics and CAMC misinformed them of the death of their son, Camren, who is now permanently injured after his premature removal from life-support systems.

According to court records, the Newhouses sought help from Pediatrix and Jayapura at CAMC’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital immediately after he was born July 3, 2008. Since his birth certificate shows he was born at Thomas Memorial Hospital in South Charleston, Camren was taken to Women’s and Children’s due to apparent complications.

The father held what he thought was his dead son, Camren, for the last time when he detected faint hints of life. Dad was not a doctor. This was in a hospital. Where was the doctor? I repeat: WHERE WAS THE DOCTOR?

Mom and dad learned that it took 28 minutes for hospital staff to make a determination that Camren was breathing. A half hour when their baby was deprived of oxygen for a prolonged period with permanent and irreversible brain and central nervous system injury.

Camren was alone. All of us try to remember that day. Our birth. Muslin or Christian. Rich or poor.

Camren was alone. His mom was coming through the miracle of the birth of a child. They took Camren away from her. She trusted them.

Dad was worrying about Mom because guys are blown away by child birth … and he loves Mom.

Twenty-eight minutes. The doctors took away Camren’s freedom. The freedom to be normal.

Will a doctor or hospital administrator talk to Camren’s parents about this? I am so tired of hearing the lobbyists and the spin doctors for doctors, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce asking for protection from Camren’s parents.

Can you turn your back on them?

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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    What a story, it is important that people hear about it. You have to feel for the parents.