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Remember Bethany Wilkerson?

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Remember Bethany Wilkerson? In Hawaii we pride ourselves in family. People come first, not profits. Aloha Aina. Aloha. Love. Bethany Wilkerson will not be forgotten in the Islands. Three year olds are what its all about. But then what happens if Bethany doesn’t have insurance?

In 2005, Dara and Bo Wilkerson learned that their three-week-old daughter had been born with several holes in her heart.

Without the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), Bethany might not be with us today.

Bethany Wilkerson is not alone. Over nine million children in America have parents who can’t afford to pay private insurance premiums. These kids go without regular checkups and often can’t afford to see a doctor until it’s too late. The State Children’s Health Insurance Program offers a chance for these kids to get the care they need.

Tell your Representative to vote for Children’s Healthcare

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on an extension of the Children’s Healthcare program as early as Wednesday of this week. This isn’t just about the millions of children without healthcare. This is also the new Congress’ first chance to take a stand for our shared progressive values – and the first step to put us on the path to passing healthcare for all Americans.

After multiple vetoes by President Bush, this is our chance to show that we’ve entered a new progressive era. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for – when we have a government that finally shares our progressive values.

Tell your Representative to support the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Thanks for taking action,