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Insurance Reform Now!!

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The most important consumer legislation in the last 50 years is presently moving in Congress with Senator Patrick Leahy, VT. leading the way. Senator Leahy Submits Legislation For Insurance Reform - Wayne Parsons – October 16, 2009. The insurance industry is the most political, and many say the most politically corrupt, industry in the U.S. Congress is generally afraid of the insurance industry because they will pour unlimited funds into the next election to get rid of any elected official that dares cross them. Its all about money. Their motto?

We accept your premiums and deny your claims!

Senator Leahy has courage and he cares. We all must support him vocally in the battle that is about to happen as he takes on Big Insurance. Both President Clinton and President Obama ran for President with a promise to take on the insurance industry. President Clinton never got to first base on that vow and President Obama appears to be caving in to the pressure and making back room deals with Big Insurnace and the insurance lobby led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove.

I was reminiscing about a similar battle years ago in California when Harvey Rosenfield took a grassroots initiative battle into the board rooms of the insurance companies in California. Prop 103 passed because Rosenfield asked the California voters what they thought about the insurance industry and their answer was loud and clear: stop insurance abuse and enact insurance reform!

Please support Senator Leahy and be vocal about insurance industry reform. Without vocal public participation the fat cats and robber barons will win the day.

1 Comment

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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    You are so right, this is a battle, the Insurance report of lies that even Price Waterhouse has now distanced themselves from is one of many examples of how Insurance interests will respond.