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Insurance Reform Because Of Insurance Abuse

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The insurance industry has more money than any other force in American politics and their right wing conservative media forces, led by Limbaugh and O’Reilly are geared up to blitz the public with screaming attacks on the public option and a veiled opposition to anything that Congress might do to loosen their grips on control of American politics. To all the Congressmen and women out there: don’t cave in to these bullies. We have your back and we’ll have your back in the next election. A vote for the public option is a vote for competition in business.

Big insurance is exempt from Anti-Trust laws. Why is that? Its the double standard and there is no greater perversion than the double standard, regardless of the subject. At least 65% of the American public want to stop the greed and call Big Insurance into the room for a good scolding, some quiet time and probation until, they pay for their sins. And 65% of the American public is capable of, and will, un-elect any Senator or U.S. House Representative who votes against the public option. We’re taking names. We won’t forget.

That’s important. You see, the ONLY thing that an elected politician really thinks about when casting vote is "Could this vote get me UNELECTED?". Sixty-five percent of Americans can un-elect anyone in Congress and in the White House. elected officials: you’ve been given notice.

The insurance industry does nothing to address the 98,000 Americans who die each year do to avoidable medical errors. Big insurance doesn’t want to talk about how their private health insurance plans routinely cut off medical care to sick people and put the money into huge executive bonuses and lavish partying on yachts. The doctors never talk about how to save some of those 98,000 lives each year. All the doctors want to talk about is money. Their money.

The public can see this and the public is getting angry. I write these Blog posts and doctors write in saying that the system is too adversarial. They complain about doing unnecessary tests. Well an unnecessary test can’t accuse one of the 98,000 avoidable errors that are killing Americans each year? When I point that out to a doctor who writes a Comment, they never respond with any facts or information to say it ain’t so. Of course they have nothing to say because they have no facts. Its all about their fancy houses and their European vacations. It isn’t about health. That’s sad.

The Salt Lake Tribune (10/13) editorialized that the recent CBO report "estimated that a package of medical malpractice reforms could save the federal budget about $41 billion in health care costs and increase federal tax revenues another $13 billion, both over a 10-year period." But "to put the numbers into perspective, the CBO estimates that the package of reforms it studied would reduce total national health care spending by about .5 percent (one-half of 1 percent). When it comes to health care, any reduction in rocketing costs is a good thing, but reforming malpractice law is hardly a panacea. The other side of the coin is that doctors and hospitals regularly kill people through their negligence." The goal "should be to reform the process without denying people who have been injured or killed their day in court and just compensation."

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Or go to the Center For Justice & Democracy website for all of the true facts about insurance reform. Their site The Pop Tort is a cause that everyone should join if power to the people is something that you really care about.