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Health Care Reform: Each Generation Has to FIGHT For their Own Freedom!

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Now is our time to fight for our freedom.

Freedom from the CFO’s of Big Insurance.

Feedom from the rich and politically corrupt medical establishment. Every time I think about that I wonder why more honest doctors don’t speak up. They know.

President Obama reveals the truth about health care:

I and many others have spoken the truth about the absolute need in the U.S. for single payer, public plan health care.

Myths About Single Payer National Health Insurance

Get insurance executives out of our health care!

Get the Bush and Chaney U.S. Chamber of Commerce out of our health care!

They have hired goons! Yes, goons. The same techniques used to break unions in the first half of the last century. Thoses screaming actors at townhall healthcare meetings across the country are goons. Actors is too kind a word.

Will you fight back? I will.

President Obama is asking all of us to speak up. Not listen, but speak up. The election is over. Now the real work begins.