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Judge Rules That Congressman Saxby Chambliss Is Immune From Attorney's Questions

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The AP (3/25, Bynum) reports,

"A judge has ruled Sen. Saxby Chambliss doesn’t have to answer questions from a lawyer suing Imperial Sugar on behalf of victims of the explosion at the company’s Georgia refinery last year."

The lawyer, Mark Tate, who is representing "families of six employees killed in the blast and five injured workers, subpoenaed Chambliss in hopes of asking him if the company sought his help to discredit a whistleblower and discourage workers from suing." He said, "Now other courts are going to pick up this Chatham County State Court order and say, `Hey, if you get elected (to Congress), you’re immune.’"

Chambliss is a Republican who used some of the sleaziest campaign tactics ever in winning his seat in Congress. He smeared Viet Nam veteran Max Cleland who is a double amputee from the war in Vietnam.