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Drowning Hazard leads Aqua Lung America to Recall Apeks Scuba Diving Regulators

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In a voluntary recall of Aqua Lung Apek scuba diving regulators the manufacturer – Aqua Lung America – has warned consumers to stop using these devices because they pose a drowning hazard. The diaphragm cover on some regulators is missing and that can cause the diaphragm to become displaced during a dive and that allows water to enter the regulator.

This recall involves Apeks TX, ATX, and XTX second stage regulators that have never been serviced. Apeks and TX, ATX, or XTX is printed on the regulator. The devices were sold across the country from February 2007 through June 2008.

Consumers should stop using the devices and immediately take it in to an authorized Aqua Lung America APEKS dealer for inspection and repair. Aqua Lung can be contacted toll free at (877) 253-3483 or you can visit the company’s web site at www.aqualung.com