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Wayne Parsons

The Hawaii Safety & Prevention Chronicle: The Earth

My normal focus is on drugs like Topiramate / Topamax, safety tips for kids and cars, avoidable medical errors and ocean injuries but the overall goal is a safer community and fewer people hurt. If…

Wayne Parsons

What should consumers know about Termidor aka fipronil

Many of us come into contact with harmful chemicals on a daily basis without even realizing it. One of those chemicals is a pesticide called Firponil. According to the National Pesticide Information…

Wayne Parsons

Fire Ant Found On Maui

KITV reports that a fire ant was found on a Maui farm. The fire is small but packs a mean bite. The insect is 1/16th inch long and is light orange in appearance. They aren’t fast moving like some…

Wayne Parsons

House subcommittee finds elevated lead levels in D.C. children.

The Washington Post (8/4, Leonnig) reports that congressional investigators have found that more than twice the previously reported number of D.C. children were found to have high levels of lead in…

Wayne Parsons

Pesticide Residue In Kitchen Floors

KHNL reports that your kitchen floors – the ones that your kids are crawling around on as you read this, are laden with the worst cancer causing chemicals. Don’t trust KHNL? Try the EPA and those…

Wayne Parsons

FDA Less Careful With Bottled Water Than EPA Is With Tap Water.

In a story that generated a great deal of media interest, congressional hearings today focused on two separate reports that concluded that the EPA regulates tap water more carefully than the FDA…

Wayne Parsons

Toxic Air Pollutants Assessed By The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The Environmental Protection Agency may be shaking off the dust of inaction during 8 years of Bush/Chaney rule and looking out for our environment again. Air pollution is a major health problem in…

Wayne Parsons

Bone Meal is Bad Stuff in Dog Food! Fluoride above healthy levels is found in n 8 national brands.

God bless the Environmental Working Group (EWG). EWG Worldwide Headquarters announces that the pet food testing that voters contributed to resulted in a significant report: share the report.


Wayne Parsons

Environmental Working Group Protects Babies From BPA Illnesses

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has recently focused on children and bisphenol-A (BPA). I want EWG at the table, advocating for our kids – and yours – so their health is no longer compromised…

Wayne Parsons

Consumer Tips For Healthy Homes: Nontoxic Paints Arrive

New nontoxic paints let you color it ‘green’

As reported in the Honolulu Advertiser nontoxic paint is becoming a big subject to families who want their air to be safe to breathe. Jennifer…