Honolulu, Hawaii


Deborah Nelson

Why are some places safer than others?

If you travel, you have probably noticed that some places are safer than others. I’m not talking about walking through a bad neighborhood at night with jewelry on. I’m talking about the difference between walking down the street in one […]

Wayne Parsons

Injured Tourist Airlifted from Hanakapiai Beach On Kauai

Hiking to remote beaches can be risky as a 52-year-old Canadian tourist learned this week. After injuring his legs at Hanakapiai Beach on Kauai, KITV reports that a tourist was rescued and airlifted…

Wayne Parsons

Manoa Fire and Death!

Bed and Breakfast.
Rental Units.
Manoa fire kills 2 and injures 7.

These are not new headlines in Hawaii.
Am I alone in thinking that we need to look closely at what happened in Manoa?

Wayne Parsons

Falls Lead Cause of Serious Injury and Death Among Seniors

I get regular health and fitness updates called Fit Tips from a specialist here in Honolulu named Christie Bridges. She sent one recently that I have quoted below involving injuries from falls. Here…

Wayne Parsons

Hope On Insurance for Home Buyers, Builders and AOAO’s in Construction Defect Cases From New Ruling In Florida

In an earlier post, Robert discussed the impact of the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Burlington Ins. Co. v. Oceanic Design & Constr., 383 F.3d 940 (9th Cir. 2004) on Hawaii insurance law….