Honolulu, Hawaii


Deborah Nelson

How Long Will My Case Take?

Many new clients often ask me “how long will it take to resolve my case?” My answer is always “much longer than you think.”  Unfortunately, the legal system doesn’t work like an episode of “Law & Order” where everything is […]

Wayne Parsons

Voter ID Chronicle #1: the birth certificate hurdle

In Texas to get a voter ID a person may need to a copy of their birth certificate. Sounds easy enough so let’s go through the steps of what it takes in Texas to get a copy of your birth […]

Wayne Parsons

How to get a voter ID to vote in Texas elections

As reported yesterday in The Daily Kos: “[a]ccording to the Justice Department, more than 600,000 eligible voters could be disenfranchised due to Texas’ new law.” Three months ago today Chief Justice John Roberts announced the 5-4 decision on Shelby County v. […]

Wayne Parsons

How hard is it to get a Voter ID?

I was just watching the Jake Tapper show on CNN where they were talking about the controversy of Voter ID law signed into law by the governor of North Carolina. Lawsuits have now been filed claiming that the law is […]

Wayne Parsons

Resources for victims of child sex abuse in Honolulu

The hardest part is often deciding who to talk to about child sex abuse. And an even harder task may be in picking up the telephone and making the first call. If a victim of child sex abuse, now…

Wayne Parsons

Hawaii Law Benefits Victims of Child Sex Abuse

In April a new law went into effect in Hawaii that opens a two year window for people who were sexually abused as children to bring civil lawsuits against the perpetrator no matter how long ago…

Wayne Parsons

Remembering my dad on Fathers Day 2012

My dad died 10 years ago at the age of 94. His name was Karl Alfred Parsons and he taught physics and astronomy at Eastern Michigan University most of his life. When he was a boy he wanted to be…

Wayne Parsons

How do you feel about the Florida Supreme Court Justices’ retention elections?

The politicians and the special interests and lobbyists that fund them are supposed to keep their hands off the judicial branch of government. That is how the American system works. The Judicial…

Wayne Parsons

Justice in Hawaii: storm warning from Florida Supreme Court election

Democracy is often equated with justice and giving power to the people. Popular elections are held up as the hallmark of freedom. In Florida they elect their judges _ something we don't do in…

Wayne Parsons

Good morning America! Do you want some justice today!

My favorite organizations are often so consumed with making ends meet that they can’t do anything except survive. Nothing new. No new ideas. No new initiatives.
I wonder if we can organize around…