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Wayne Parsons

Texas medical injuries mount as malpractice laws protect negligent doctors and hospitals.

Today I report the sad saga of Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas.
As reported by Jamie Stengle of the Associated Press in Forbes, Feds: Parkland conditions a ‘threat’ to patients a Texas…

Wayne Parsons

How to file a medical malpractice claim in Hawaii

Each state has different laws and rules concerning medical negligence claims. Here is what you need to know about filing a claim in Hawaii.
First the claim must be filed with the Medical Claim…

Wayne Parsons

Does Texas medical malpractice “reform” attract bad doctors?

Texas has always been a state the identifies with outlaws and cowboys. Well in 2011 that reputation has taken an ugly turn.
Texas has passed laws that make it nearly impossible to sue doctors and…

Wayne Parsons

The Shocking and Scandalous Myths and Facts About H. R. 5

House Resolution 5 (H.R. 5) seeks to strip patients of their rights to hold doctors and hospitals accountable for avoidable injury. With the Institute of Medicine reporting that 98,000 patients die…

Wayne Parsons

Top Cancer Symptoms for Men

Men: get a check-up with your doctor if you have any of these symptoms. You may catch your cancer in an early stage where a cure is available.
1. Pain, difficult or weak urine flow or blood…

Wayne Parsons

Misdiagnosis – Failure To Diagnose

Failure to Diagnose

The failure to diagnose a condition is a severe misdiagnosis if a doctor fails to identify the…

Wayne Parsons

Is the New Health Insurance Reform Bill a Good Thing for Hawaii?

Health care is an important subject to all people and it is particularly important to the clients I have represented in Hawaii over the years who have personal injuries or illnesses and must have…

Wayne Parsons

U.S. Surgeons Suffer From Burnout – What Can Be Done To Help Them?

When the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins both weigh in on a medical issue it gets my attention. These two medical giants stand at the top of the list of great medical establishments in the world….

Wayne Parsons

Investigation Of Contaminated Heparin Syringes Highlights Medication Safety Issues

Heparin is a biological compound often used as an anticoagulant, administered to patients through a pre-prepared syringe. It minimizes the danger of such diseases as deep-vein thrombosis, pulmonary…

Wayne Parsons

Isn't Tort Reform Only About Frivolous Cases?

If you listen to doctors complain that they need protection from lawsuit abuse and that the real problem in health care reform is defensive medicine and lawsuits driving up the cost of health care,…