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Wayne Parsons

Murder On A Caribbean Cruise Ship?

At 8 p.m. on Christmas night, a surveillance camera on a Caribbean cruise ship captured the image of a woman in a bathrobe falling over the railing. Two days later, her husband accepted condolences…

Wayne Parsons

Tips When Going on a Cruise

If you go on a Cruise be aware of the following issues to watch out for:
1. Most cruise ship tickets contain contractual statute of limitations (usually one year)
2. Most tickets have a 6 month…

Wayne Parsons

Cruise Ship Forum Selection Clauses – Redux

I recently posted about Forum Selection Clauses in cruise ship tickets. If you get hurt on a cruise ship through their negligence you will find out about these clauses. They dictate that you must…

Wayne Parsons

“They Told Me That I Waived My Rights When I signed the Contract” …. Can They Do That?

Did you realize that almost every ticket you buy and every contract you sign has some form of waiver of rights in it? Waiver of Rights is a new tool that corporations use to avoid the law. The law…