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Wayne Parsons

The Jones Act in Hawaii: Ed Case and Jim O’Keefe Object to American Worker Requirments.

Malia Zimmerman of The Hawaii Reporter reports on 20 October 2009 that a Jones Act Lawsuit Will Test Control of Hawaii’s Shipping Monopoly. Her story is about a bread maker in Hilo who claims that…

Wayne Parsons

Congress and Cruise Ships, Peepholes and Latches!

There you go again! Those are the memorable words of Ronald Reagan in a Presidential campaign debate. Those words came to mind as I listened to Congress brag about making cruise ships safer by…

Wayne Parsons

Ocean Personal Injury Law – In A Jones Act Injury Case What Does It Mean To “Arrest the Ship”?

How do you make Jones work you? If you are a “Jones Act” Seaman and you have been injured while working then the first step is file a complaint with the State or Federal Court for your…

Wayne Parsons

Railroad Accidents Capture The Public Attention After Tragic Washington D.C. Wreck

Trains fascinate all of us _ particularly little boys _ from an early age. The sounds of the train whistle in the distance is also part of the lore of the American country-side. But the romantic…

Wayne Parsons

Washington, D.C. Nightmare As Metro Trains Collide– As Many As 7 Dead and Over 70 Injured

Probably the favorite rail system in the United States, the Washington D.C. Metrolink system is now the focus of one of the worst rail crash cases in history. The Wall Street Journal reports 9 dead…

Wayne Parsons

Senators Question FAA Administrator on regional carrier safety.

NBC Nightly News (6/10, story 2, 3:05, Williams) reported, A lot of people, many of them veteran flyers, have suspected there are two sets of safety and training standards, one for the big…

Wayne Parsons

Aviation attorney discusses hearings over Flight 3407.

On The Early Show on CBS News (5/12), Julie Chen spoke with attorney Mary Schiavo and the sister of one of the crash victims of Flight 3407. Schiavo said the fault lies with the airline because the…

Wayne Parsons

Investigators examine details of plane crash.

The Wall Street Journal (5/11, A1, Pasztor) reported on its front page, The captain of a commuter plane that crashed Feb. 12 near Buffalo, N.Y., had flunked numerous flight tests during his career…

Wayne Parsons

Boat Injuries To Tourists In Hawaii

Why travel to Hawaii and not go out on the ocean in a boat? Whale watching, scuba diving, sunset sails and other opportunities are among the most popular Hawaii tourist attractions.
Caution should…

Wayne Parsons

Marine Algae May Be The Best Source For Biofuel According To Scientists At Scripps Institute

The article posted in Science Daily on Sunday January 4, 2009 is an eye-opener. Below is the full article. Go to the on-line version to see other related stories.

ScienceDaily (Jan. 4, 2009)…