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Hawai‘i Traumatic Brain Injury Resources

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be anything from a paralyzing injury to a very subtle, almost imperceptible change in brain function. Sometimes the latter are missed by both the family and their doctors. All brain injuries are serious. Brain injury […]

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Head Injury Facts for Hawaii Families

The medical profession calls it a Traumatic Brain Injury and it covers some of the most serious of medical conditions. Skateboarders hit their heads often. Most are kids. Most don’t wear helmets. But a person can hit their head _ […]

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Six Questions to ask your attorney

Lawyers who are serious about helping injured people, belong to the national organizations that represent the interests of their clients. These organizations provide valuable sources of information…

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Caps on Damages: how do you measure a year?

Welcome to my world. I am a trial lawyer. If you want to talk about jackpot justice or frivolous lawsuits, lottery ticket plaintiffs, or tort reform, you stopped at the right place. Let’s talk.

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Tips For Scuba Diving Safely

While scuba diving is considered a relatively safe sport, it is not without inherent risk. Remembering to follow some basic diving safety rules, you will be able to make sure all your dives are…

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Summer Water Safety Alert: Surf’s Up On The South Shore! Be Careful

The waves in Waikiki look white and fluffy and the warm air and water beckon the just arrived tourists. I surf. Its great fun. But beware. Those waves are powerful. The surfers riding them are…

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Fatigue As The Result of Personal Injury

Everyone knows about broken bones, lacerations, traumatic brain injury, loss of vision, spinal cord injury and other physical injuries that follow automobile accidents, medical malpractice,…

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Billy May and TBI: Another Closed Head Injury Death?

Doctors are looking at a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as the possible cause of the tragic death of TV actor Billy May as Mike Bryant of Minnesota has reported recently in:
Doctors Will Be Looking…

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Health Alert: Recognizing When Someone Is Having A Stroke Can Save Their Or Your Life


We saw Natasha Richardson die of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) shortly after hitting her head on a ski slope. A short delay in recognizing the seriousness of her injury…

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Misdiagnosis of Brain Injury – Its Not Just a Headache – Remembering Natasha Richardson

Think about tort reform in the context of medical negligence – misdiagnosis of traumatic brain injury – on a national basis. It happens everywhere from Honolulu to Hilo to Washington, D.C. Why don’t…