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Speeding Alcohol Implicated In Campbell Avenue Crash

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The story by KHON News is the best report on this serious crash in which several members of the cast of Cirque de Soleil were seriously injured. What do you think about this tragic car crash? Here is the story:

By KHON News

Story Updated: Dec 16, 2008 at 5:53 PM HST

It was just before three in the morning when the crash occurred. Area residents heard a loud noise when two trucks collided on the corner of Campbell Avenue and Brokaw Street.

"It was a mean crash you know, when cars crash you hear a kaboom!," says Robert Andrade, area resident.

Honolulu Police say the driver of the green truck was speeding down Campbell Avenue when it hit the white truck and then crashed into a wall landing in someone’s yard.

"Looking from the roadway evidence and from the witness statements, we suspect that the truck was going at an excessive rate of speed and they have indication that the driver of the speeding truck was under the influence of alcohol," says Lt. Darren Izuno, Honolulu Police Department.

Witnesses say the driver of the white truck, a 27-year-old man, was ejected from his vehicle. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Police say there were five people in the green truck, which was speeding. A female passenger in her 30’s in that truck was also hospitalized in critical condition. Other passengers had less severe injuries. A registered nurse who lives nearby tended to the injured right after the crash.

"Everybody was in a state of shock, so I just had to reassure them that help was on the way, stay where you are, don’t move, you don’t know what your injuries are," says Caryn Seaman, area resident.

No one was injured from the house where the green truck landed. Residents say way too many cars speed along Campbell Avenue. And police say in this case, the green truck was going fast enough to knock the other vehicle nearly a block away from where the crash occurred.

"To push a vehicle sideways that far is an indication of a good amount of speed, a lot of energy involved," says Izuno.

"Campbell Avenue is notorious, always people speeding and it’s a shame that it came to this," says Seaman.