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Wayne Parsons

Distracted Driving: Do App creators have moral or legal obligations to help?

The video “Technically Almost Legal: Driving distractions like these should be avoided—even though they are legal makes us laugh but also ask ourselves if maybe we all should look at the safety of what we do and not just ask if its […]

Wayne Parsons

What’s an IME and why should you care?

What is an “IME”? Here it is: Independent medical examination – Wikipedia An IME may be conducted at the behest of an employer or an insurance carrier to obtain an independent opinion of the clinical status of the individual. Workers’ […]

Wayne Parsons

Parents sue DOT over rear visibility regulations: Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act

Imagine this. You are sitting at your desk and you have the power to write out a simple directive that will prevent 95 to 112 deaths and 7,072 to 8,374 injuries each year. My initial thought is how could I […]

Wayne Parsons

X-man: Werner Herzog’s dramatic video about distracted driving

The lady who hit Xavier was texting. Her head was down. She never saw the boy. She was texting “I’m on my way …..”. What will it take to stop Hawaii drivers from driving distracted? Werner Herzog’s poignant video is […]

Wayne Parsons

What can an injured person collect for any personal injury case?

Lawyers often talk about “damages” and what that means is what can an injured person collect for from the wrongdoer? My clients often ask me this question and I usually answer it this way. There are three general areas of […]

Wayne Parsons

Injured in an automoble collision? Was it really an “accident?”

We often talk about automobile accidents but over the years as I have spoken with clients and usually found out that they weren’t really involved in an automobile “accident” but in fact were injured because another driver was careless, perhaps […]

Wayne Parsons

New Seatbelt and Distracted Driving Laws will save lives in Hawaii

Gov. Neil Abercrombie and Sen. Clayton Hee (D – District 23) were heroes today. No, they didn’t rush into a burning building and pull out injured people, and they didn’t rescue…

Wayne Parsons

Will Hawai’i spend “Just A Few Seconds” to think about Distracted Driving?

To build awareness, I hope everyone in Hawaii will watch this moving video below about distracted driving. It was produced by my friend and fellow trial lawyer Joel Feldman and his wife Diane in…

Wayne Parsons

Will you speak up to a distracted driver on Hawaii’s roads?

Hawaii teens face a significant risk of injury from auto collisions. The statistics are daunting:

Car crashes are the #1 killer of teens. 80% of these collisions have some form of driver…

Wayne Parsons

Important tips for Hawaii high school graduation month: don’t ride in the back of a puck-up truck!

We have to wear seatbelts and we can't drive and use a handheld cell phone. I'll buy that. Those are good rules. Where did they come from? A combination of common sense and our elected…